P2U equine base - pegasus horse base

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What does it include? ♥

- 7016x7016 px PSD file (lineart layers, fill layers, bonus body shading layer)
- 7016x7016 px SAI2 file (same as above)

Layers (lines + fill) for:

  • body
  • wings
  • long mane
    braided mane
    short mane
  • long tail
    braided tail
    short tail
  • bonus layer with body shading for recoloring!

Terms ♥

- Don't remove my signature. You may move it to some other spot, recolor it etc.
- You can make edits to the lines if you feel like it ♥
- Don't resell or give away file for free. Don't resell edited lines as your own base!
- You may use it for adoptables, personal art, customs, etc.
- Credit is not required, but it's appreciated - I would love to see your art made with this base! ♥ I'm on IG (martith.art), Deviantart & Toyhouse (Martith).

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P2U equine base - pegasus horse base

0 ratings
I want this!